What is Manuka, and Manuka honey?

Manuka bush (Leptospermum Scoparium) grows predominantly in New Zealand and Australia. Manuka is also called the “New Zealand’s tea tree”. Similar species grow all over world with the exception that they do not flower – a type of flowers that with the collaboration of hard-working bees, produce manuka honey. Manuka Honey has a very distinct – almost caramel like taste to it which, is quite noticeable. Manuka honey is graded by various organization from which the UMF is well known however, not all honey produces agree with it. Grading manuka honey is done according to the level of a certain natural chemicals in the honey. It’s also been said, that manuka honey has properties such as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial beyond other honeys that can heal certain ailments.

ZibaDel Story

Stablished in 2012, we make the only manuka honey chocolate truffle bars in Canada and US. We are a major importer of manuka honey and manuka essential oils from New Zealand. In addition to our own brands of skin cares and chocolate products, we also provide private label services to number of small to medium companies. We are located in beautiful Vancouver, British Colombia Canada.